Events & Festivities


  • 12 – Dia de la virgen de Guadalupe.  Taxco parents, make a pilmgrage to the church of Our lady of Guadalupe, taking their children dressed in authentic Mexican folk wear, to give offerings to the virgin.
  • 19 – Posada season begins.
  • 24 – Noche Buena – Christmas Eve
  • 31 – New Years


The Jarro Fair  showcases the best of the work of pottery from artisans from all over Mexico, that come to town to sell their goods.  It is the tradition to get your “jarro” decorated with your name or the name of the person you will gift it to.  It’s a must for people that look to immerse in the culture of  Taxco and enjoy different cultural adventures. The fair takes place the week before Easter.


Easter in Taxco

Holy week in Taxco is one of the most poignant in the country, beginning the Friday a week before Easter with processions daily and nightly. The most riveting procession, on Thursday evening, lasts almost 4 hours and includes villagers from the surrounding area carrying statues of saints, followed by hooded members of a society of self-flagellating penitents, chained at the ankles and carrying huge wooden crosses and bundles of penetrating thorny branches. On Saturday morning, the Plaza Borda fills for the Procession of Three Falls, reenacting the three times Christ stumbled and fell while carrying the cross.

Urban Trail

Urban Trail is 5 kilometer marathon through the hills and alleys of Taxco. Starting at 7:30 am, and culminating at the main zocalo across the Santa Prisca parish, with a celebratory party.

May 18th, 2019

Dia de La Cruz

El dia de La Cruz on May 3rd is celebrated  all over Mexico. It’s the day dedicated to the new constructions and the people that help them build them.  The celebration includes an offrenda of gratitude on the site of the construction and festivities in town.  Taxco being a town constructed with stones and cement celebrate this day with an array of events in the zocalo and fireworks throughout the day and night. 

Jornadas Alarconianas

The Jornadas Alarconianas is a very important cultural event held in honor of Juan Ruiz de Alarcon (15281-1639) the world famous dramatist, our “Mexican Shakespeare”, and  whom Taxco de Alrcon is named after.

Las Jornadas Alarconianas cultural festivity started back in 1987 with the purpose to promote cultural activities in the Spanish language. Numerous artists come from all over the world to perform during this time. Among the noted artists that have performed in past Jornadas are: Lila Downs, Andrea Boccelli.  The Jornadas Alarconianas culminate with a unique concert inside the Caves of Cacahuamilpa.  A not to miss event.


The International Guitar Festival  includes daily concerts, classes, conferences and the performance of artists from Argentina, Cuba, Spain, U.S, Peru, Poland and Mexico.

August 4th to 12th 2019